Finding Gear

All you really need to get started is a disc. Disc golf gear can be from Games Galore & the Billiard Store in the Park Place Mall or online at for free local delivery or pick up.

Golf discs come in a variety of styles and materials that are suited to varying skill levels and types of shots. It's helpful to have the appropriate type of disc to get started with.

In general, discs can be classified into three main categories: long range drivers, fairway or mid-range drivers, and putters. Drivers have a sharper edge, wider bead, and are intended to spin fast and be thrown harder. Putters will have a characteristically rounder edge that makes them less likely to bounce out of the basket, and are made to be thrown at a lower speed.

When buying your first discs, you may want to start with a putter (like an Innova Aviar) and a mid-range driver (like an Innova Leopard). Avoid the temptation to buy an ultra high distance high speed overstable driver. That may all sound like attractive qualities for what you want to do with your disc, but such discs are much harder to throw and are suited to experienced players.